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AdmirablePro On-Demand Financial Planning and Analysis Services

The Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) ffunction play a crucial role in companies by performing budgeting, forecasting, data analysis, etc. and providing useful information to the management that supports major corporate decisions of the C-Level Executives and the Board of Directors. FP&A team generate management reports, analyze financial trends, calculate the monetary effects of potential business decisions and advise company leaders. This, in turn, helps the management to take better decisions, optimize value creation and growth at the corporate level.

However, startups, small and mid-size corporates often don’t have a specialized staff to perform the necessary FP&A function. Therefore, performing FP&A on a project basis (i.e. as and when necessary), rather than via dedicated full-time FP&A staff can allow you to move forward. AdmirablePro On-Demand FP&A Services is the best alternative to hiring a full-time FP&A employee.

How do our FP&A Services can add value to your organization?

  • Budget Preparation: Measure your success objectively by projecting revenue, expenses, and the resulting profitability goals.

  • Headcount Planning: Understand the fully-burdened cost of each employee and know when you are in the position to hire.

  • Variance Analysis Track the difference between budgeted and actual results and understanding the reasons for improvement.

  • MIS Reporting: Prepare MIS reports to provide high-quality information that facilitates well-informed business decisions.

  • Financial Modeling: Establish a dynamic financial tool that reflects your business and use it to plan and evaluate scenarios.

  • KPI Tracking and Dashboards: Determine KPIs that drive your company's success and implement them to track results through a data visualization tool.

  • Investor Reporting: Paint an accurate and insightful picture of your business to various stakeholders.

Why choose us as your FP&A Partner?

Following are the advantages of our On-demand FP&A Services, which makes it one of the best alternatives to hiring a full-time FP&A employee:

  • Diversified Experience: Every company has its own specific requirement and it is hard to find multi-skilled individual who can be a right fit. AdmirablePro FP&A consultants possess diversified experience of 10+ years to meet your business needs.

  • Save Hiring Cost: Companies have to spend a huge amount in hiring the right FP&A candidate. Our on-demand FP&A services enables you to save hiring cost.

  • Save Headcount Cost: In a startup or small business, FP&A is required but not throughout the year. Our On-demand FP&A Services enables you to save fixed headcount cost.

  • Uninterrupted Services: Employees may require frequent leaves or job change, leading to disruption of service. Our FP&A solutions provides you uninterrupted service and productivity.​

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