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AdmirablePro Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Services

The Financial Planning and Analysis is about planning the best future performance using insights and analysis from both financial and operational data. FP&A involves data collection and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, and management reporting that helps to drive informed business decisions.

The FP&A function play a crucial role in companies by performing budgeting, forecasting, data analysis, etc. and providing useful information to the management that supports the corporate decisions of C-Level Executives and Board Of Directors. FP&A team generate management reports, analyze financial trends, calculate the monetary effects of potential business decisions and advise company leaders. This, in turn, helps the management to take informed business decisions and optimize company's growth.

The FP&A is the backbone of the modern finance department. If accounting is backward-looking and involves the recording of historical transactions, then FP&A is forward-looking and involves projecting the financial impact of future transactions. Financial Planning and Analysis works hand-in-hand with accounting and you need FP&A as much as you need accounting. In fact, AdmirablePro FP&A Services combine the financial closing process with budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and management reporting to project and present the valuable insights that will enable you to achieve your company's goals, year after year.

How do our Financial Planning and Analysis Services can add value to your organization?

  • Financial Plan for Investor Funding: Get an eye-catching financial plan (3-5 years) of your business that you need to get funding from the investors.

  • Revenue and Profitability Optimization: Get annual budget, financial projections, and forecasted business numbers that you'll own and can take necessary actions to achieve the sales targets and profitability goals.

  • Expense and Headcount Planning and Controlling: Our expense dashboard will enable you to understand your business cost so that you remain aware of when and how much to spend and when you are in the position to hire.

  • Improved Business Performance: Track and analyze the difference between budgeted and actual results and understand the reasons for improvement.

  • Drive Business Results: Determine KPIs that drive your company's success and implement them to track results through a data visualization tool.

  • Better Decision-Making: Get MIS reports containing high-quality information that will help you to take well-informed financial and business decisions.


AdmirablePro On-Demand Financial Planning and Analysis Services, PAYS FOR ITSELF!

4 Reasons to choose us as your Financial Planning and Analysis Partner

Diversified Experience

Every company has its specific requirements related to industry experience and it is hard to find a multi-skilled FP&A employee who can be the right fit for the organization. Our FP&A consultants possess diversified experience of 10+ years to help you meet all your FP&A needs under one roof.

On-Demand FP&A

Our On-Demand FP&A Solutions works on "Pay As You Go" basis. Performing FP&A on a project basis (i.e. as and when necessary), can enable you to move forward. AdmirablePro On-Demand FP&A Services is the best alternative to hiring a full-time FP&A employee.


In a startup or small-mid sized business, FP&A is required but not throughout the year. Also, companies have to spend a huge amount on hiring the right FP&A candidate. Our On-demand FP&A Services enables you to save fixed cost on staff salary, training and hiring charges.

Better Productivity

With the diversified experienced and skills-sets, our FP&A consultants start creating value for your organization, curbing out the learning curve. This is turn, enable you to get an uninterrupted and highly productive Financial Planning and Analysis Services.​


Become forward-looking and gain control on your business KPI. Get useful insights to take the right decision for your business and create the results that you want. How? WhatsApp Us to get a FREE Consultation Call.


FP&A Best Practices

We always follow the Best Practices and do the things Smarter!

Our FP&A Best Practices

Single Source of Reliable Data

Since FP&A should be an integral part of major corporate financial decisions, we ensure that the data we are working on is trusted, accurate, and auditable.

Strategic Business Planning

In direct collaboration with department heads and stakeholders, we determine what long-term goals are on priority and create a strategic business plan.

Insightful Analysis

Our FP&A consultants consolidate data from all relevant sources and formulate insights that lead to smart and quick business actions.

Continuous Performance Monitoring

We take necessary actions to continuous monitoring the financial performance, which identify variances and determine where existing plans need adjustments.