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People Development Manager at Giant Swarm (Job ID: 41)

22 Sep 2019  Accounting and HR Remote Jobs  International – Work From Home

Your Job:

  • You are part of our People Ops Team, (currently 3 people) working on enabling our growth through feedback processes, onboarding, our transparent salaries, team structures, and other tasks beyond hiring new colleagues.
  • You will be our direct contact person for all employees regarding their individual development. As we believe that no two people are the same and that there is no “one fits all” solution, “individual” is the keyword here.
  • You’ll work closely with the MoCs (Master of Ceremonies) of our teams and help them on their road to continuous improvement. You are the people person for those teams when it comes to moderation of retros as well as a sparring partner for people issues. We encourage self-organization a lot, but if there is a need for your support, you are there.
  • You foster our self-organization throughout the company, enabling individuals and teams to make their own decisions with confidence, allowing the company to remain a group of individuals walking in the same direction. Nobody is left behind. You ensure this structure is under constant review and communicated in a way that makes it understandable for all involved.
  • You will work with diverse parties of the organization on topics such as team development, self-organisation, individual growth, responsibilities and accountability. We strongly believe in agility and want to continue being at the forefront of the new work era. All your initiatives need to fit in our remote and agile context.
  • To learn more about how we work, you can check out the Inside Giant Swarm Blog Posts:


  • You have at least 5+ years experience in working in People Operations (or in an agile consulting company) and you’ll survive the fact that we really like iterating. We will never have a final plan, knowing that things that work today won’t work tomorrow. Uncertainty is your motivator.
  • You can give proposals, and defend them when challenged, in a very self-organized environment where obviously everyone has an opinion about people topics as it affects us all.
  • You have been working in a startup environment and having worked remotely already is a plus as this will help you understand the challenges that come with working in this way, as few companies are currently organised this way
  • You’re happy to hop between individual (people) and organisation levels. In the beginning, it will be more organizational work.
  • You have a strong interest and at best you already have experience in agile methodologies. It would be great if you have already worked with software teams. Our purpose is to create similar structures in the entire company, so if you have experience there – great!
  • Being a certified coach and or scrum master is a big plus
  • You are happy with English as our company language

Why we think this job is worth applying (challenge us!):

  • Impact, Impact, Impact! We are a remote-first organization with a growing team (from 15+ European countries) Every new team member changes the team. This is great! People who know things we don’t are highly welcome.
  • “It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission” (Paolini) – sure, it’s not 100% like this, but we have a strong culture of failure which, is part of our agile mindset. We don’t do things by the guidebook. You can try things out! Our default to 100% transparency will help you here.
  • Appreciation and trust are the columns for our People Operations work. We try not to use “new work” as a buzzword, we try to live it. Larissa, Mirco and Anna (your future colleagues can talk for hours about that ;))

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