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Content Marketing Editor at Animalz (Job ID: 46)

24 Sep 2019  Data Entry and Writing Remote Jobs  Anywhere – Work From Home

Animalz is a content marketing agency that strives to create the best content on the web. We help companies grow by producing high-quality, strategic content that their audience loves.

Our focus is on written content that helps companies educate and inform their audiences (executives, managers, and other specialized professionals in their field) on strategies and tactics for being successful in their work. Product, design, marketing, sales, and engineering are the main topic areas we cover, mostly within the B2B SaaS/tech field.

We are looking for an editor who specializes in online content and who can help our writers improve over time and across clients in structure, tone, style, and on-page SEO. As much teacher as a teammate, this person will review every piece of content at least twice — from the outlining phase to the nearly final draft — and use each review as an opportunity to encourage the writer and drive their continued growth in the craft.

“A real editor isn’t just someone you work with; they are your guide. They see your brain doing its thing and learn its weaknesses and abilities, and if they’re really good, they figure out what you need to hear to compensate for the former and accentuate the latter.” – Ariel Levy

An ideal B2B tech/SaaS content editor at Animalz:

  • has a proven track record of successful writing and editing for the web, particularly in B2B/tech/SaaS
  • can communicate why changes should be made, not simply fix errors or improve writing
  • is well-organized, independently motivated and loves coaching writers
  • understands the business side of writing & editing
  • is deeply passionate about good content and approaches editing with a creatively curious mindset
  • is fascinated by the role technology plays in our day-to-day lives and the ways it continues to shape our future


  • Proven writing and editing ability
  • Mastery of on-page SEO and how to apply it to each piece of content to provide guidance for writers
  • Ability to understand content strategy and edit content to align with it
  • Desire to help writers improve their craft and elevate their content to the highest quality
  • Experience successfully working with writing/editing customers
  • Basic understanding of how content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and social media function, how they can work together to get results, and the different writing/stylistic requirements of each
  • Strong interest in the tech/SaaS field and a thorough knowledge of the top content and thought leadership in the field
  • Work in North America’s Eastern time zone to support our writers there and in Europe


  • Edit ~15 B2B articles and outlines per week (~1,500 words each), ensuring they comply with the customer strategy and optimizing them for performance
  • Educate our writers around good content in both form/structure and technical aspects (like SEO)
  • Provide support and constructive feedback to writers to help them improve their craft

Location: Anywhere in the world

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